Procedures and Accommodations

The design of procedures and implementation of accommodations can make a big difference in the student’s experience. Traditional ways of approaching accommodations and other practices often place unnecessary burdens on disabled students. 

Initial Interview & Documentation

Should acquisition of third-party documentation drive access? Are there unnecessary steps in the process?

Initial Interview and Documentation >>

Faculty Notification

How can faculty notification be designed in ways that are efficient, effective and reduce the student burden?

Faculty Notification >>

Syllabus Statement

For many students, the syllabus statement is the first impression they get about how disability is viewed. What messages are students getting?

Syllabus Statement >>


Nondisabled students simply show up to take exams. How does that compare with the experience of disabled students?

Exams >>

Class Notes

Note taking as an accommodation is very common. But what is the barrier?

Class Notes >>


Inflexible attendance policies differentially impact people with chronic illnesses. How can this be different?

Attendance >>

Animals & Access

Animals remove barriers for some and lessen symptoms for others. How can we change the conversation around animals and access?

Animals and Access >>

Food Service Plans

Coming soon! Many colleges mandate that students buy into the food service plan. But does it serve everyone? How can we design things differently?

Food Service Plans >>

Course Substitutions

Coming soon! What are the principles that should guide decisions about course substitutions?

Course Substitutions >>