Before beginning to transform practices, it is helpful to ground ourselves in basic foundational knowledge. Each of the brief modules below will introduce concepts helpful in this journey and start you, we hope, on a continuing path of engaging with the works and writings of disability activists and scholars.

The word 'history' is spelled out in wooden letters with a lightbulb nearby


Explore the history of disability and how it intersects with the role of the disability resource professional.
Learn about History

A person stands in front of a capital building holding a sign that says disability matters

Disability Studies

Learn about the discipline of Disability Studies and how it can inform our work.
Learn about disability studies

Three sticky notes on cork board read words have power


Consider the impact of language, how to analyze the language we use, and to choose language that frames disability differently.
Learn about language

A circuitous ramp leads to an entry way


Explore the power of design in the struggle for social equity and justice.
Learn about design

A person writes on clipboard as another sits nearby

Service Industry

Explore the role of the service provider in marginalization and oppression of disabled people.
Learn about the service industry